Chicken, Turkey and Celiac Disease

Did you know that if you have Celiac Disease you should be very careful of the chicken and turkey you eat?  Many brands have broth additives.  These broth additives sometimes contain gluten!  Who would have imagined when first going gluten free!  (The longer you are gluten free the less I found things like this surprised me though!  Gluten hides in many places.)

For me, I’m super sensitive to gluten and I have to be careful what brands I buy I found out.  I was sometimes getting sick when cooking at home making chicken dinners and sometimes not.  I figured it out to be the brand of chicken.  I, like most people, was going for the brand on sale when I shopped.  Turns out, brands that add chicken broth (Tyson for example) were giving me mild reactions.  Enough for me to notice, but not super bad reactions.

If you have Celiac, even the smallest amount of gluten can harm your body, so it is super important to eliminate all that you can.  I now only buy an ‘Amish’ brand in our store that does not have anything added to it.  I consistently have no issues with it!  It’s great to have something I can rely on and know it’s safe for me and my oldest child.

When shopping for chicken and turkey, try to get brands that do not add broth!  Even if it says ‘all natural,’ that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have gluten!

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