Dining Out Gluten Free in Athens Ohio – Part 3

Since I originally wrote Dining Out Gluten Free in Athens Part 1 and Part 2, I’ve tried several more restaurants and had more experience with old ones.

Restaurants I eat with No Issues


This one to me was a surprise and I walked by it many times before deciding to take a risk and try it.  Well to my surprise I have been able to consistently eat their Shish Kabob without issues!  I just have them create it without the wrap and put it all on a plate with the hummus and they substitute rice for the wrap for me.  It’s pretty tasty, especially when dipping the meat into the hummus.   Here’s a photo when I got a salad instead of the hummus.

Habibi's - Shish Kabob on a platter


We don’t get a chance to frequently go out in the evening to eat but we have had a chance now to try Zoe’s.  I was told they are very accommodating for Gluten free and they were right!  I had a super delicious dinner and had no issues after eating it.  The staff seemed very knowledgeable.  I will definitely go back again when we get the chance to!


Since writing Part 1 and Part 2, Donato’s now has Certified gluten free pizza!  It’s a ‘take and bake’ using Udi’s gluten free crust and made in a gluten free facility.  These pizzas are pretty good and a nice in between takeout and cook at home as you just pick one up and bake it!  They have Pepperoni and Cheese options, we sometimes add our own toppings to them when we get home before we bake them.

China Fortune

So one of my favorite restaurants before going gluten free is now my favorite again!  I can eat a variety of items here gluten free!  My favorite is the Mongolian Chicken.  I’ve also had rice noodle stir fry, chicken fried rice, rice noodle soup bowl.  They can do almost anything gluten free except for the premade sauces like they use for the Garlic Chicken for example.  Just be sure to emphasis the Tamari Soy sauce and not the regular soy sauce!  Always check with the owner Sandy if you aren’t sure!

Ohio University Inn – Cutler’s Restaurant

Another really nice dinner place to eat is Cutler’s Restaurant in the Ohio University Inn.  This is a more expensive place to eat but they do have very good food.  Hubby and I went here once for a nice meal and the staff was very knowledgeable and my meal was great.  Another highly recommended place to eat out for fine dining and Gluten Free!


I hope this is helpful!  Feel free to comment if you have experience eating out Gluten Free in Athens, Ohio!

Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of dining out gluten free in Athens Ohio!

Gluten Free Chicken Strips

With 3 kids (and a Husband…) chicken strips are always a hit!  These lightly breaded chicken strips are perfect for a quick tasty meal that’s not too heavy like the really processed chicken strips!


Salt and pepper the chicken strips.  Lightly bread with the flour.  Heat oil or butter in a pan, just enough to cover the bottom, adding more if needed.   Nonstick is the easiest but I’ve done these in my stainless steal as well.  Once oil is nice and hot, place strips and turn every few minutes to keep from browning too much.  Takes about 5-7 minutes to cook depending on the thickness of your strips.  Enjoy!

Some may ask why I don’t do an egg wash.  I truly like my fried foods much lighter.  My Grandmother always just directly breaded the food she was cooking too.  I just use the natural moisture in the food to get the breading to stick.  Much simpler than doing an egg and/or milk wash!  Less calories too!

Long Break from Posting!

Well I’ve been extremely busy over the holidays and had to take a break from posting.  I couldn’t believe when I checked in that it had been since October!  A lot has happened in the past few months.  I have lots of recipes and possibly another member in our household needing to be gluten free!  More details later!