Fear of Asthma


Why do I still have this in my medicine cabinet?

After all these years?

Is it the fear?

The fear that this is all a dream and I still need to take preventative asthma medicine each and every day?

Take a look at the date!


March 2011.

Five years ago this expired.

Five years!  Yet I still have it.

In fear.  Fear of not being able to breathe.

Fear of feeling like someone is constantly standing on my chest.


Fear, it drives us.

In 2011 it drove me to fear not taking my medicine.  Now fear, it drives me to not even wish I could eat gluten.

Yes Gluten, that ‘fad’ word.

That word not taken so seriously now. Yet for me, it is a very serious word. One that if I ingest even the smallest amount of it, sends my body for a spin for days. Yes days.

I’m thankful.

I’m thankful that I found Gluten and what it does to me. Thankful I know now that I have Celiac Diease. Thankful that an awesome side effect of going gluten free is also being Asthma free.

Yes Asthma free. Gluten was causing Asthma as a side effect. Who knew?

If you have Asthma, it might be worth trying going gluten free for 3 to 4 weeks. Long enough for you to see if you are one of those people that Gluten is a trigger for your Asthma and if you feel better. Maybe you don’t have Celiac like me, but there are so many studies out there that Gluen is a trigger for Asthma and Allergies in general. It could be YOUR trigger. A trigger that is easy to get rid of.