First Shirt Woot Entry

So my oldest son loves just like I do.  We both have many shirts from there.  He’s been into drawing lately and went to the shirt woot derby (where you can submit your own designs) and wanted to submit a design.  The theme this week is M. C. Escher.  All of us being of scientific and engineering mind, we all love M.C. Escher.

Kaeden went about creating his design, completely by himself.  Only asking our opinion if something looked like he intended.  Here’s what he came up with.  It’s pencils drawing pencils drawing a stick figure.  One of the pencil is even erasing the other one’s lines.  He’s named it ‘The Drawing.’

The Drawing

You can check out the shirt woot contest for this t-shirt here:

I think it’s pretty cool, but I could be partial since I’m his Mom.  🙂