Our Favorite Gluten Free Bread

I’ve tried probably 4-5 gluten free breads.  Some to OK to some awful.  Our favorite by far is Udi’s Gluten Free Bread.  I like their White and their Whole Grain versions.  Even though the kids were used to ‘whole wheat’ bread and preferred it to regular white bread, they like the white version of Udi’s best.

What I love the most about this bread is you can’t tell it’s gluten free when it comes to taste, texture and the ability to hold together!  I have made the following items with it with no noticeable difference between how it works and tastes for these food items.  In fact, some things taste better with this gluten free bread!  The kids would even request me using the gluten free bread for French Toast for example, before I made the house completely gluten free!

What’s your favorite gluten free bread?