Something Labeled ‘Gluten Free’ is not always Gluten Free!

One thing I learned as I’ve been down this road of learning how to be gluten free, is that items labeled ‘Gluten Free’ are not necessarily Gluten Free *enough* for those with Celiac.

I have ran into issues where items are labeled ‘Gluten Free’ but have anywhere from minor to major cross contamination issues.  For example, there is a local baking company that label’s their cookies ‘gluten free,’ but if you read the back of the label, it states made in a facility that also processes wheat.  That is a big red flag for those with Celiac Disease.  If you see that on a label then it likely has enough gluten in it to damage your system!  Some doctors say that as little as the amount of gluten found in one bread crumb a day is too much!

Another not as obvious issue is oats.  While oats themselves are gluten free, much of the time they are processed on the same lines as wheat, barley, etc.  It is always best to avoid anything with oats in it unless it has a ‘Certified Gluten Free’ logo on it. (View the most popular company doing testing and their logo)

If you find you are being really strict with your gluten free diet but still have unexplained issues, try making your whole house gluten free and examine everything you eat to make sure it’s naturally gluten free or certified gluten free.  I also find great success in brands like Glutino which is a brand that is dedicated gluten free.  They don’t have the certified logo but they don’t make anything with gluten in it.