Gluten Free Sausage

When you are Celiac and want to eat sausage, you really have to look carefully at the ingredients. There can be hidden gluten in them! I’ve recently found out that MSG (monosodium glutamate) can sometimes be made from Gluten. MSG in general isn’t good for you and it’s hard to find sausage without it or with it being one of the last ingredients.

In our local Krogers, I have found a really good sausage that has very little MSG and tastes great! The biggest plus is I can eat as much of it as I want and have no symptoms! In recently looking at their website, they state that the ‘sausage’ only products do not have gluten in them. Just the obvious ones like the sausage sandwiches, etc.

I get this in the roll like below in the fresh sasuage isle:

And they have awesome frozen patties in the frozen meat section of Kroger. Those are great to keep around. You just throw them in a pan and cook them straight from frozen! Here’s a Sausage Sandwich I make frequently for us.