Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake by Larry’s Dawg House!

So when our oldest had his Birthday in January, I was determined to find a way to get him a great cake that was also gluten free.  Our great friends at Larry’s Dawg House of Athens Ohio was very kind to let me look at all of the ingredients in all of the items they put into their ice cream cake.  To my joy, the only thing I knew that had gluten in it was the cookie crumbs they put in the middle.  All the other items like the ice cream and cold fudge didn’t have any suspicious ingredients in it.  They were great to substitute the cookie crumbs for Heath bar crumbs instead.

What was the result?  A completely awesome ice cream cake!  It tasted better than the original.  It was like eating a Heath blizzard in cake form!  I had several slices and didn’t get sick and neither did he.  I’ve just recently found out one of his classmates who also can’t eat gluten had it as her ice cream cake for her birthday and she had no issues either!

So just talk to the great Guys and Gals at Larry’s Dawg House and ask them to substitute in Heath bar instead!  You may want to double check the ingredients in each item each time just in case their supplier changed ingredients or in case they changed suppliers.  I’m so happy though to be able to get a safe ice cream cake for us!

Here’s a picture of a recent cake they made for us Gluten Free!